Resources & specifications

Venue hire rates

Current venue hire rates:
Venue Hire Rates

Venue technical specification

Our comprehensive Technical Specification outlines our venue facilities and includes detailed information about our technical systems, dimensions, inclusions, additional equipment hire rates and floor plans.

Individual plans

NCMA Facility Map
A facility map identifying all room numbers and names.

Virtual Reality tour
Virtual reality tour of our facility.

Floor Plans
Architectural drawings of the facility.

Auditorium Stage Dimensions
Dimensions of the Nelson School Of Music Auditorium Stage.

Auditorium Stage Plan
A blank Stage Plan for planning purposes.

Auditorium Lighting Plan
A top-down lighting plan for the Nelson School Of Music Auditorium.

Auditorium Seating Plan
A seating plan for the Nelson School Of Music Auditorium.

Pastorius Waller Recital Theatre Seating Plans
Approved seating plans for the Recital Theatre.

Room list with pianos
A list of teaching, rehearsal, practice and performance spaces with pianos.

Additional hire information

Hire rates for commonly sourced technical equipment and services are being regularly updated. 

Please contact our Technical Manager, JR Richardson to discuss your requirements or to request a quote.

Advertising and Marketing Specifications
Image specifications for our marketing purposes and their related costs.

Health & safety documents

Important Documents & Forms

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