Festivals at NCMA

NCMA has a history of producing its own festivals - the first being in 1994 to celebrate our 100th birthday.

NCMA Classical Guitar Festival

An inspiring festival of music making & musical study

NCMA's classical guitar festival happens biennially at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts state of the art facilities. The festival promises to be an inspiring week of music making for students of classical guitar.

The daily programme consists of ensemble playing, guitar orchestra, forums & workshops, and lots of fun.

Enrolments are open to students of all ages. An entrance level of around grade 3 is advisable. All classes will be held at NCMA in central Nelson.


Nelson Arts Festival

The Nelson Arts Festival is held annually in October, and includes music, theatre, dance, a readers & writers programme, visual arts and community events. Performers and artists come from Aotearoa New Zealand and all over the world.

The Festival is thrilled to be able to include NCMA again as one of its venues.

For more information about the Nelson Arts Festival please visit the official website.

Adam Chamber Music Festival

NCMA is the traditional home of the world renowned Adam Chamber Music Festival. The festival is held in Nelson every 2 years and brings some of the world's leading chamber musicians to Nelson over 10 days.

NCMA looks forward to welcoming the Adam Chamber Music Festival back to the Nelson School of Music Auditorium in 2022.

More information about the festival please visit the official website.

Composers Association of New Zealand

The Composers Association of New Zealand is the association for all amateur and professional composers in New Zealand. CANZ provides opportunities to composers through the Nelson Composers Workshop, the Asian Composers League and the International Society for Contemporary Music. CANZ also lobbies on behalf of its members to improve the situation for composers in New Zealand. CANZ contributes financially towards special projects, and awards two prizes annually. CANZ also produces two publications: Canzonetta, a bi-monthly newsletter, and Canzona, a retrospective yearbook.

CANZ is a non-profit organisation, registered with Charities Services, and welcomes donations from anyone who supports their aims and objectives.

For more information, including how to make a donation, see the page About CANZ.

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