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MMUS with distinction, NZ School of Music.

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About Nick van Dijk

About Nick:

Nick is an experienced educator and accomplished musician with a notable career in music and jazz education. He has held significant positions in various music departments, including lecturing roles at Universal College Of Learning (UCOL) and the New Zealand School of Music. Nick’s academic credentials include postgraduate qualifications from Victoria University and the New Zealand School of Music, highlighting his dedication to music education.

Raised with a strong work ethic and drive, Nick enjoys working and contributing to teams. With postgraduate qualifications and diverse roles within organisations, his skill set stems from a varied background.

Skills and expertise

Skills and Expertise:

Nick’s expertise in music and jazz education is evident through his leadership roles and academic achievements. He has supervised postgraduate students in Jazz composition and performance, demonstrating his commitment to mentorship. As a professional musician and composer, Nick has contributed to award-winning albums and collaborated with renowned artists, showcasing his versatility and talent in the music industry.

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