Jazz Appreciation

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Start Date:7 March, 2024

Enrol by:6 March, 2024

When:Thursdays @ 7pm for 4 weeks




$160 per 4-week course, including annual NCMA membership.

($120 for NCMA members)



Join Nick for a captivating 4-week journey into the realm of jazz appreciation. Explore the wide range of styles that have shaped jazz throughout its evolution, with opportunities to delve into specific instruments or artists based on the group’s interests. No prior musical experience or ability to read sheet music is required, as the course will introduce engaging audio examples and scores to illustrate how instruments harmonise and interact within jazz compositions.

This course is ideal for music enthusiasts, beginners, casual listeners, instrumentalists, and curious learners interested in exploring the diverse styles and evolution of jazz music, regardless of their prior musical experience.

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