Leonora Soares


Instruments: Percussion, Dance

Age: All ages


BA (Hons) in Travel & Tourism with French and Spanish - University of Bedfordshire, UK | Training in modern ballet and jazz from Sauer Danças Academy of Dance, Brazil | Study of contemporary dance and jazz at Jazz Brazil Dance Academy | Training at Ritmus Dance Academy Brazil

Teaching locations

Primary schools, Preschools and at NCMA.

About Leonora Soares

Leonora’s journey in dance began at the age of seven, immersing herself in training, performances, and artistic expression. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she received training in modern ballet, jazz dance, and Brazilian traditional rhythms, deeply rooted in her upbringing.  At the age of 20, Leonora embarked on a new chapter in the United Kingdom, where she not only shared her cultural heritage through music and dance but also expanded her expertise as a Keep Fit instructor. Within the local community, Leonora actively shares her vibrant culture as the choreographer and dance leader of the Nelson Sambassadors, a Samba group that brings the pulsating rhythms and energetic movements to life.

Leonora’s artistic ventures extend beyond Samba, as she has collaborated with various dance groups, including Dance the Sun Nelson, a creative dance ensemble. Additionally, she formed a dynamic trio of choreographers and dancers, lending their talents to the captivating performances of the local Latin Jazz band, Los Galanes. With a wealth of experience and a deep passion for dance, Leonora continues to inspire and ignite joy through her captivating performances and dedication to sharing her culture with others.

Skills and expertise

For the past nine years, Leonora has been actively engaged in working with children across various age groups, ranging from preschoolers to teenagers. Her diverse range of expertise includes teaching Brazilian dances, imparting knowledge of the Portuguese language, and even venturing into a completely different realm by introducing organic horticulture in schools. Leonora’s passion for working with children is fueled by their contagious enthusiasm, making every interaction a joyous experience for her.

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