Vamos! Drum & Dance


Instruments:Percussion, Drums, Dance



Duration:45 minutes


$65 per term (+$30 annual membership fee)


Join Vamos! (Let’s Go! in Portuguese) – a dynamic percussion and dance class for primary school-age children. Experience the vibrant rhythms and dances of Brazil infused with global beats that will keep you grooving and moving! Be part of a live band, playing various percussion instruments, and explore the joy of making music together in a group. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn, dance, and create music in a fun and engaging way. This group is a great precursor to Pro Beats. Sign up now for Vamos!

Students will cover:

  • Rhythm and timing
  • Beat-making
  • Coordinated movement
  • Warm ups
  • Listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence in creative expression

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