Vamos! Drum & Dance


Instruments:Percussion, Drums, Dance



Student Age:5-9 years

Meets at:Wednesdays

Duration:45 minutes


$85 per term (+$40 annual membership fee)


Does your child love to move to the beat of music? Vamos! offers a vibrant space for primary-aged students (around 5-9 years old) to explore their natural rhythm. Led by Leonora, who has over 30 years of experience working with children, Vamos! focuses on the musical rhythms of Brazil. Here’s how Vamos! nurtures your child’s musical journey:

  • Move with Confidence: Dance and rhythmic exercises improve balance, body coordination, and spatial awareness, encouraging children to express themselves through movement and build confidence.
  • Make New Friends: The class encourages social interaction, creating a supportive environment where children can connect with others and develop an affinity for music and dance.
  • Grow Musically: Children have the opportunity to appreciate music and may learn to perform with increased confidence. Simple percussive instruments may be used to introduce the basic rhythms of Brazilian music, potentially enhancing their focus and numeracy skills.

Vamos! is more than just a class; it’s a gateway for children to delve into the world of music and dance, providing a fun and educational introduction to the rhythms of Brazil.

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