Rhythms of Brazil dance workshop

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Start Date:6 April, 2024

Enrol by:5 April, 2024

When:Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm

Duration:3 hours





$80 for a 3-hour workshop – registration required



Join Brazilian dance expert, Leonora, in an introductory 3 hour workshop where participants can experience the vibrant and energetic rhythms of Brazil. From tackling the samba rhythm to working on your body movement and coordination, Leonora will guide you through the steps of Brazil’s rich cultural dance forms. In particular, participants will be introduced to basic Samba steps and movements, making this class an ideal starting point for anyone new to Samba and the perfect introductory course for those wanting to go on to join the Nelson Sambassadors. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true Brazilian artist.

Members of this course will improve their skills in:

  • Samba rhythm
  • Brazilian rhythms
  • Body movement
  • Coordination
  • Musicality
  • Cultural appreciation
  • Confidence building

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