Dean St Germain


Instruments: Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Bass Guitar

Age: All ages

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About Dean St Germain

Dean has enjoyed over thirty years of musical experience, around Australia and across the USA. He has played electric bass in a successful Blues Rock band and has also worked as a vocalist in various original and cover bands.

Alongside his band experiences, Dean is a versatile musician with a passion for exploring diverse genres and instruments. He gained experience as a bass guitarist and rhythm section member at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Jazz Outreach Program. He further expanded his skills by studying Afro-Cuban music with Tres Mambo Salsa School. Dean also excelled as a tenor vocalist in the Golden Bridge Community Choir. His percussion journey includes learning from esteemed mentors such as Carlinhos “Pandeiro” De Ouro and Luca Brandoli Bloco, specialising in instruments like pandeiro, repinique, surdo, and caixa. Dean’s commitment to learning led him to specialise in teaching Samba through online courses. Additionally, he has shared his passion by introducing young children to drum circle practice. With his diverse experiences and skills, Dean continues to create captivating music, embracing new opportunities along his musical journey.

Skills and expertise

Through this worldly experience, Dean has learned to communicate effectively with various age groups and people from all walks of life.

Dean’s musical experience, combined with his passion for working with the community, has led him to teach at NCMA. With a vision to collaborate, support, educate, and bring a multicultural experience to NCMA, Dean looks forward to sharing the joy of music through rhythm, dance, and song.

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