Clarinet – Kids Free Beginner Class


Instruments:Woodwind, Clarinet


Age:Primary, Intermediate

Duration:30 minutes


Free tuition for a term, generously funded by the Ministry of Education.

+ $40 annual NCMA membership fee

instrument hire


Discover the magic of the clarinet! Our free 8-week program for primary and intermediate students offers a fun and supportive environment to learn the basics of playing this beautiful instrument. These classes will cover basic clarinet technique, sound production and music reading. We will also cover playing as an ensemble with fun music.

Students will cover:

  • Clarinet basic techniques
  • Ensemble playing
  • Proper embouchure
  • Tone production
  • Reading music

Initially, these lessons are offered for one term of 8 weeks only in groups of 3 or more. However, your child can continue their clarinet education in one of our Small Group Class pricing structures after that. In some cases, if there are no students on the waiting list, we may be able to continue providing free lessons for up to a year. Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child a head start in music!

Students must be a member of NCMA before joining this class and commitment to regular attendance is important so that the class can progress together.

Please talk to us about instrument hire as an option.

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