Sarah Lewis


Instruments: Piano, Keyboard

Age: Primary, Secondary, Adult



Teaching locations

NCMA, Home in Nelson

About Sarah Lewis

Sarah’s teaching embraces the essence of PLAY: Piano Lessons and You, fostering a student-centred approach that infuses joy and fun into every lesson. She approaches each lesson with genuine enthusiasm and a commitment to nurturing her students’ growth. Her unwavering dedication makes the journey through piano foundations an exciting and transformative experience, creating an environment where students can flourish and surpass their own expectations.

From beginners taking their first steps to advanced players pushing their boundaries, Sarah welcomes students of all levels. She believes that piano pursuit is a lifelong journey, an ever-evolving source of enrichment, creativity and wonder.

Sarah brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to her teaching, with qualifications including LTCL and Dip IMT.

Skills and expertise

Sarah’s true strength lies in her ability to connect with her students on a personal level, fostering an environment where their unique personalities and aspirations can flourish. Sarah’s focus extends far beyond achieving technical proficiency; she places great emphasis on understanding her students’ individuality and tailors her approach accordingly.

Sarah’s genuine care and consideration for her students are evident in every interaction. Her teaching style is characterised by a nurturing and supportive atmosphere, where students are encouraged to explore their own musical voices and express themselves authentically through the piano. Through thoughtful and engaging performances, she encourages her students to share their musical accomplishments.

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