Music Therapist: Colette Jansen


Instruments: Music Therapy

Genres: Music Therapy

Age: All ages


BMusArts, Music Therapy (VUW); Registered Music Therapist (provisional)

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About Music Therapist: Colette Jansen

Colette is a member of MThNZ and is a New Zealand registered music therapist. She is also the music therapy co-ordinator for the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts (NCMA). Colette was schooled in Nelson and returned home in 2020 after studying, performing, and working in other centers around New Zealand. She brings her open and warm personality – along with her experience as a community musician – to her music therapy work. She enjoys building connections, rapport, and relationships with her clients. Her aim is to create a safe space where people can connect through musical activities aimed to encourage self-expression, healing and personal growth.

Skills and expertise

Colette is currently working across the lifespan, i.e., with toddlers, primary and secondary school students, special education and diverse learning needs, neurological conditions, aged care – residential, hospital, and special care units. She also has experience in hospital pediatrics and end-of-life care.

Her work is person-centred and humanistic. It is based on building a trusting therapeutic relationship through rapport and connection. Colette listens to people’s stories and through music creates a supportive safe space for self-expression, change and personal growth.

Colette has worked in elder and palliative care – including rest home hospitals, secure dementia and psychogeriatric units; with children on paediatric wards and with hearing disabilities, as well as young adults with learning and physical disabilities. She also has experience in addiction and trauma settings.

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