Music Therapist: Alvaro Saura Moreno


Instruments: Music Therapy

Genres: Music Therapy

Age: All ages


Graduate in Music Education, University of Murcia (Spain) Master Degree in Music Therapy, University of Barcelona (Spain)

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About Music Therapist: Alvaro Saura Moreno

Alvaro is a New Zealand Registered music therapist MThNZ.  Alvaro grew up in Murcia, Spain, attending music lessons at the local brass band. He graduated in music education in 2014, and then moved to Barcelona to complete studies in Music Therapy. He has been developing his career as a music therapist since then, working with all kinds of people and ages from children and teenagers to adults and elderly people. He participated as a presenter at the Music Therapy NZ Symposium, celebrated in Hamilton in August 2019. The presentation was centered around his work with elderly people using music and song writing as tools to improve and prevent memory loss.

Skills and expertise

Alvaro’s approach is active and dynamic, combining elements from the various music therapy methods to effectively target the needs of the client. With a deep understanding of the power of music, he creates an active and engaging environment for his clients. Alvaro’s extensive musical background and empathetic nature allow him to establish a strong connection with individuals, helping them address emotional, cognitive, and physical challenges.

Through rhythmic exercises, improvisation, and songwriting, Alvaro tailors therapy sessions to meet specific needs. By fostering collaboration and empowerment, he guides clients in harnessing the transformative potential of music to enhance overall well-being.

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