Schola Musica Chamber Orchestra


Instruments:Strings, Violin, Viola, Cello


Age:Intermediate, Secondary, Adult

Student Age:Primary - Secondary (depending on ability)

Meets at:ThursdayS @ 4.00pm

Duration:1.5 hours


$30 per term (+$40 annual NCMA membership)


Welcome to Schola Musica, a string chamber orchestra dedicated to nurturing the talent of young string players. Our orchestra offers an enriching experience where students explore the captivating string repertoire crafted by renowned composers. With a strong focus on leadership, communication, coordination, and imaginative musical development, Schola Musica provides a platform for young musicians to flourish. Led by accomplished tutors Margarita Jackson and Lissa Cowie, Schola Musica fosters discipline and refinement of bowing technique while emphasising perfect harmony and collaborative interpretation.

Students will improve their skills in:

  • Leadership
  • Musical communication
  • Bowing coordination and sound production
  • Imaginative music interpretation

Additional Features:

  • Young soloist opportunities
  • Rotating section leadership roles
  • Concert performances at NCMA and regional venues
  • A conducive environment for university preparation

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