WORKSHOP with Aquabella

Interested in a vocal workshop with us?

In voice training we use elements from Estill Voice Training, natural voice and functional voice training.

We are always concerned with the healthy and creative use of the voice and the sound of the voice.

We give you valuable tips and show you exercises that you can incorporate into your everyday choir life.

We pay special attention to posture and address stage presence and resonance with the audience.  The message of a song is important to us – which emotion should be conveyed and how?  To bring song to life we use effective, theatre-pedagogical means that are lots of fun.

In order to make the choral sound even more beautiful, we work with the method of vocal painting form Denmark and solmisation techniques that enable us to communicate with each other through music without words and to create our very own music in the moment.

Rhythmic exercises and body percussion not only help get a basic understanding of rhythm, but are also wonderful choreographic elements for the stage performance.  We use different patterns to train team spirit and self-confidence.

How do I master a song?  We show various didactic ways of approaching a song – from the first note to the performance.

February 23
12:30 pm

$20 – $25

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Nelson Centre of Musical Arts

48 Nile St
Nelson, 7010 New Zealand

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