James Gould


Instruments: Guitar, Electric Guitar

Age: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary, Adult


Bachelor of applied arts, Whitirea Community Polytechnic

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About James Gould

James’s musical journey began with a passion for guitar at a young age, and his dedication has driven him to achieve significant milestones in his musical career. He holds a degree in Contemporary Music from Whitirea Polytech, where he not only pursued his studies but also started teaching guitar part-time at Studio Sasada School of Music.

After graduating, James continued his teaching contract, sharing his knowledge and love for music with students of all ages and levels. His teaching experience ranges from one-on-one tuition to occasional group lessons, demonstrating his adaptability and flexibility in catering to the needs of his students.

James’s musical expertise is complemented by his practical experience, as he worked in Musicworks stores, gaining valuable insights into different instruments and equipment.

Recently, James returned to Nelson to be closer to family and is enthusiastic about bringing his passion for guitar teaching to the local community.

Skills and expertise

James’s teaching method revolves around technique, theory, and focusing on the styles and genres that the student enjoys.

  • Technique: James emphasises the importance of technique, including using a pick and/or fingerpicking, rhythm/feel, and tone.
  • Theory: James covers various aspects of music theory, including note reading and harmony (how to build chords, progressions, and melodies).
  • Songs and genres the student enjoys: James encourages students to learn and play their favorite songs or compositions to enjoy the music they practice and stay motivated.
  • James enjoys teaching both group lessons and individuals.

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