Grace Lee


Instruments: Strings, Violin

Age: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary


CERTIFICATE OF IRMTNZ (Institute of Registered Music Teacher of New Zealand) MMus (Performance)/ UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, U.S.A BMus (Performance)/ UNIVERSITY OF KANGNAM, SOUTH KOREA

Teaching locations

NCMA , 'Grace Violin Studio' in Richmond

About Grace Lee

Grace is an experienced music teacher with 15 years of expertise in instructing music lessons to individuals spanning various age groups, ranging from children to adults. She has taught in school settings and through private lessons, focusing on instrumentation and general music theory. Since 2020, Grace has been teaching violin in Nelson, New Zealand, and in March 2021, she completed a course at the Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand. From February 2021, she has been teaching violin students at Nayland College, as well as at the Nayland College Schools of Music. Alongside her teaching commitments, Grace has showcased her skills as a violinist by performing in multiple orchestras, including the Mostili Philharmonic Orchestra, Millennium Symphony Orchestra, and Absolute Festival Orchestra. Furthermore, this year, she joined the Nelson Symphony Orchestra as a member, further contributing to her musical endeavors.

Skills and expertise

Grace employs a diverse range of teaching resources to establish a strong foundation for her students. She adapts her instructional approaches based on the individual levels of her students, utilising “Etudes,” technical practice books, ABRSM exam books, and Suzuki method books. To enhance the learning process, Grace records her students’ performances and collaborates with them to review and improve their sound production. Additionally, she frequently assigns recording homework, enabling students to practice and self-assess their progress. Recognising the significance of live performances, Grace rehearses with her students on stage, helping them overcome nervousness and gain confidence in their abilities. In her lessons, she incorporates various music theory activities, such as theory games, to engage young learners and facilitate their understanding of complex concepts. Grace firmly believes that music nurtures creativity, improvisation, and emotional expression through instruments. Her role as a teacher is to foster students’ musical skills while inspiring them with her passion. She maintains her online presence through the  Grace Violin Studio  to provide students and parents with access to her teaching information and updates.

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