Andreas Vitz


Instruments: Drums, Bass Guitar

Age: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary, Adult


Contemporary Music Course, NSM 2005. Grade 8 Trinity London

Teaching locations

Home Studio, NCMA

About Andreas Vitz

Andreas, with a lifelong passion for music, began playing the guitar as a child. After immigrating to New Zealand from Germany in the 90s, he pursued his interest in music further by studying drums under Chris Pierson and completing the contemporary music course at the former Nelson School of Music in 2005. Andreas initiated his teaching career in Nelson back in 2004, offering lessons both in local schools and privately. In 2013, he took his dedication a step further by designing and constructing his own home studio, catering to his after-school students and his band-related work. Throughout the past two decades, Andreas has remained an active member of the local music scene, notably performing with the well-known local band, Gentle Giant. Additionally, he has contributed to the local jazz club, Nelson Big Band, and participated in various theater and school productions.

Skills and expertise

Andreas teaches students of all levels, from total beginners to advanced learners. He emphasizes correct posture behind the drum set and optimal finger grip of the sticks as a good starting point. Andreas’s beginner lessons start with simple coordination exercises and basic beats. For more advanced students, Andreas offers a well-balanced curriculum that covers different drumming styles, techniques, and the drumming influences of various drummers and bands. Andreas encourages his students to pursue Trinity exams up to grade 8. He has witnessed amazing improvements in students’ timing, technique, and ear training while preparing for these exams. Andreas acknowledges the individual development of each student, ensuring that the lessons remain focused and enjoyable throughout their musical journey.

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