Alvaro Saura Moreno


Instruments: Strings, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass

Age: All ages


Graduate in Music Education, University of Murcia (Spain) Master Degree in Music Therapy, University of Barcelona (Spain)

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About Alvaro Saura Moreno

Alvaro grew up in Murcia, Spain, attending music lessons at the local brass band. He graduated in music education in 2014, and then moved to Barcelona to complete studies in Music Therapy. He has been developing his career as a music therapist since then, working with all kinds of people and ages from children and teenagers to adults and elderly people.

In parallel, Alvaro has studied bass guitar and double bass, mixing classical and jazz education and has performed with several groups and orchestras all around the Spanish territory. He moved to Nelson in 2019, and quickly joined local bands within the music scene in town; playing at the Nelson Arts Festival and Nelson Jazz Festival as well as other venues.

Alvaro’s heart beats for the essence of Spanish and Latin American music. With his voice and guitar, he weaves an intimate and soulful sound that embraces the Top of the South Island with its unique warmth.

Skills and expertise

As a music teacher, Alvaro’s style is based upon identification of student’s needs, motivations and long term visions. It is crucial to understand what the strengths and motivations of the students are and from there nurturing and encouraging them. Music is a language and it doesn’t matter the style or genre, we can learn something from all of them.

Manifesting patience and respect for the learning process, that may vary for each musician, and offering a long term vision with affordable milestones to help manage anxiety and stress will result in a deeper assimilation of the contents. At the same time, the student will enjoy the learning process.

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