Senior Youth Orchestra


Instruments:Woodwind, Strings, Percussion, Brass



Student Age:Mainly secondary school aged students

Meets at:Tuesdays 4.30 - 6.30pm

Duration:120 minutes


$30 per term (+$30 annual NCMA membership)


The Senior Youth Orchestra, created and directed by experienced conductor Joel Bolton QSO, has been an ensemble specifically tailored for secondary school students and talented younger musicians performing at the grade 3 – 6 standard. Under Joel’s expert guidance, the orchestra has provided an ideal platform for growth and artistic exploration. This year, the Senior Youth Orchestra has temporarily merged with the Greenhill Orchestra. The collaboration has created a unique opportunity for young musicians to join forces with more seasoned players, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie within the ensemble.

Emphasising individual growth and development, our Senior Youth Orchestra offers frequent opportunities for solo performances, allowing students to showcase their unique talents and musical abilities. Moreover, collaborations with other local orchestras, including the Greenhill Orchestra, Marlborough Community Orchestra, and Golden Bay Orchestra, present extraordinary avenues for captivating public performances, enabling young musicians to gain valuable experience and exposure.

With a repertoire that spans a diverse range of musical genres, our orchestra places a strong emphasis on classical orchestral music, inviting young musicians to immerse themselves in a world of musical excellence. The best part is that no auditions are required for entry, fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes and nurtures all aspiring musicians.

Join us on a remarkable musical journey, led by conductor Joel, where artistic growth, collaboration, and a passion for orchestral music remain at the heart of our now combined Senior Youth Orchestra and the Greenhill Community Orchestra

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