Orchestra Club


Instruments:Woodwind, Strings, Piano, Percussion, Harp, Brass



Meets at:Tuesdays @ 1:15

Duration:75 minutes


$65 | $100 | $135 – pay what you can (+$40 annual NCMA membership)



Orchestra Club, led by the talented conductor Jodie, offers a laid-back and enjoyable daytime orchestra experience for intermediate adult musicians. With open arms, the club welcomes individuals who play any instrument. The music repertoire is thoughtfully arranged to suit different ability levels and instruments, often overlapping with the repertoire performed by the Adult Beginner Orchestra. This enables the exciting possibility of combined concerts, where diverse musicians can showcase their skills together.

Benefits of joining this group are:

  • Skill development and improvement
  • Ensemble experience and collaborative music-making
  • Guidance and direction from Conductor Jodie
  • Exposure to a diverse repertoire
  • Opportunities for combined concerts with Junior and Intermediate Youth Orchestras

Interested in joining the class?

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