Junior and Intermediate Youth Orchestra


Instruments:Woodwind, Strings, Piano, Percussion, Brass, Keyboard

Age:Primary, Intermediate, Secondary

Meets at:Tuesdays 4:00pm - 4.45pm

Duration:45 minutes


$30 per term (+$40 annual NCMA membership)


Welcome to our vibrant Junior and Intermediate Youth Orchestra, initiated and guided by the experienced leadership of conductor Joel Bolton QSO. This inclusive ensemble is designed to provide a nurturing environment for young musicians of various skill levels. No auditions are necessary, and students playing at a grade 2-4 level are warmly welcomed to join.

Under the guidance of Joel, the Junior and Intermediate Youth Orchestra focuses on supporting the technical growth of each individual musician on their respective instruments. Furthermore, member will develop a deeper understanding of orchestral repertoire and etiquette, instilling valuable skills that extend beyond the musical realm.

With a diverse range of musical styles, including classical and more contemporary genres, this orchestra offers abundant opportunities for solo performances, allowing young musicians to shine individually while also contributing to the collective ensemble. Join us for an enriching and fun-filled experience, where you can hone your musical talents and make lasting memories under the guidance of Joel.

Students will improve their:

  • Technical proficiency on their instruments
  • Knowledge of orchestral repertoire and etiquette
  • Ensemble playing and collaboration skills
  • Musical interpretation and expression
  • Confidence in solo performances

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