Recording Session


Start Date:2 March, 2024

Enrol by:6 April, 2024

When:On Weekends by arrangement from 2 March - 7 April

Instruments:Contemporary, Recording session

Venue:To be confirmed

Age:Secondary, Adult


$260 per 3-hour session and fully produced track


Elevate your music with a professional singer-songwriter recording session. Collaborate with experienced music producer Jared to create a high-quality recording of your original song, receiving expert guidance on instrumentation, arrangement, and mixing. Walk away with a polished and professional version of your song. If a more elaborate mix is needed, Jared will advise on additional costs.

Members of this course will experience:

  • Professional recording session
  • Guidance from experienced music producer Jared
  • High-quality recording of your original song
  • Expert advice on instrumentation and arrangement
  • Optional additional costs for elaborate mixing

Have a listen to some music that Jared has produced on Spotify.

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