Piano Club Part 2

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Start Date:2 March, 2024

Enrol by:29 February, 2024

When:Saturdays @12pm for 6 weeks

Duration:60 minutes

Instruments:Piano, Keyboard



$180 per 6-week course, including annual NCMA membership.

($140 for NCMA members)



Building on the success of our initial 6-week beginner’s piano class last year, we’re thrilled to introduce the follow-up course. Whether you’re a complete novice or seeking to further hone your skills, this course is designed to deepen your understanding and proficiency in playing the piano. Led by Zeb, an experienced instructor, you’ll delve into the basics of piano playing, progressing from basic music reading to mastering chords, melodies, and more.  We encourage new beginners to join the ‘Piano Club’ and people who can read music a little, or have a small amount of prior learning, to join the ‘Piano Club Part 2’ group.

Members of this course will improve their skills in:

  • Finger placement and technique
  • Hand coordination
  • Basic music repertoire
  • Music interpretation
  • Basic scales and chords
  • Rhythmic skills
  • Ear training
  • Practice techniques

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