Flute Clinic: Orchestral techniques


Start Date:14 March, 2024

Enrol by:8 March, 2024

When:Thursday 5:45-7:15pm

Duration:90 minutes



$40 per 90-minute workshop


Flute Clinic: Orchestral Techniques is a dynamic 90-minute workshop tailored for amateur flute players in orchestras, aiming to elevate their performance in an orchestral setting. This specialised session offers an overview into advanced techniques, ensemble dynamics, and interpretative nuances essential for orchestral repertoire mastery. Led by experienced flautist Annabelle, participants will explore breathing techniques, intonation refinement, and ensemble playing, fostering a deeper understanding of their role within the orchestra. Through interactive exercises and constructive feedback, attendees will sharpen their skills, refine their musicality, and gain confidence in tackling challenging orchestral passages.

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