First Time Flute


Start Date:6 March, 2024

Enrol by:29 February, 2024

When:Wednesdays @ 6pm for 4 weeks

Duration:60 minutes

Instruments:Woodwind, Flute



$160 per 4-week course, including annual NCMA membership.

($120 for NCMA members)

flute hire $20 for the course duration


Discover the art of flute-playing with our ‘First Time Flute’ course, tailored for beginners over a 4-week duration. Due to limited instrument availability, early booking is recommended. Participants will delve into foundational techniques, basic music theory, and flute maintenance while enjoying the holistic benefits of music education. Embrace a supportive atmosphere conducive to personal growth and artistic expression. Bringing your own instrument is encouraged but not mandatory.

Additionally, learning an instrument serves as excellent brain exercise, enhancing cognitive functions, memory retention, and problem-solving skills. Enrich your life with the dual benefits of music and mental stimulation through our ‘First Time Flute’ course.

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