Beginner Guitar Part 1

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Start Date:7 March, 2024

Enrol by:6 March, 2024

When:Thursdays @ 7:15pm for 6 weeks

Duration:60 minutes




$180 per 6-week course, including annual NCMA membership.

($140 for NCMA members)


Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar? Our Beginner Guitar course  is perfect for people wanting to starting from scratch.  Daniel will guide you through essential techniques, chords, and strumming patterns, helping you build a solid foundation for making music. With a focus on hands-on learning, you’ll quickly gain confidence and proficiency. Don’t miss the chance to learn in a welcoming atmosphere surrounded by fellow music enthusiasts.

Members of this course will develop:

  • Fundamental guitar techniques and proper playing posture
  • Proficiency in playing basic chords and chord progressions
  • Mastery of essential strumming patterns and rhythm
  • Development of finger dexterity and coordination
  • Understanding of basic music theory concepts relevant to guitar playing

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