Songwriting – Small Group Class


Instruments:Songwriting, Composition


Age:Secondary, Adult

Student Age:Secondary School & Adults

Duration:30 minutes


Small Group Classes – $140 per 8-week term (3+ students)
Dynamic Duo Lessons – $190 per 8-week term (2 students)
+$40 annual NCMA membership



This class gives students the opportunity to initiate, develop or refine their songwriting abilities. Guitar is selected as instrument of choice. However, most class material can be transferred and applied to a keyboard. NB: Its recommended that students can play open-chords on a guitar to a basic proficiency i.e. to recall and play a minimum of 3 different chords

You will learn how to:

  • Use chords (both open and barre) on a guitar to establish a harmonic backing for a song
  • Consider and apply songwriting elements creatively, with a focus on harmony, melody and lyrics.
  • Use theoretical approaches to create new creative possibilities.

Students must be a member of NCMA  and will need their own guitar before joining this class.

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