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Venue Hire

This Venue Hire Rate Card  shows current venue hire rates.

Venue Technical Specification

Our comprehensive Technical Specification outlines our venue facilities and includes detailed information about our technical systems, dimensions, inclusions, additional equipment hire rates and floor plans.

Individual Plans

Floor Plans
Architectural drawings of the facility.

Auditorium Stage Dimensions
Dimensions of the Nelson School Of Music Auditorium Stage

Auditorium Lighting Plan
A top-down lighting plan for the Nelson School Of Music Auditorium

Auditorium Seating Plan
A seating plan for the Nelson School Of Music Auditorium

Recital Theatre Seating Plans
Approved seating plans for the Recital Theatre

Additional hire information

Technical Rate Card
Hire rates for commonly sourced technical equipment and services

Questionnaires & Forms

Concert Planning - Pre-Production Questionnaire
A basic form requesting information surrounding your upcoming concert.

Want to know more?

To arrange a site visit and or a quotation, please contact our Operations Manager, Clare Monti.
Email: | 00 64 (0)3 548 9477


To talk production or technical systems, please contact our Technical Manager, JR Richardson.
Email: | 00 64 (0)27 461 6458