Alexander King


Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard

Age: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary, Adult


Bachelor of Music Technology

Teaching locations

NCMA, Nelson, Online

About Alexander King

Alexander is an experienced multi-instrumentalist, music technologist, and composer who developed an interest in jazz from a young age while growing up in cities such as New Orleans and Houston. During his school years, Alexander actively participated in music programs that sparked his passion for learning the piano and guitar in genres like Jazz, Rock, and Blues, ultimately fueling his fascination with songwriting and composition. He was later accepted into the Music Technology program at the Queensland Conservatorium, where he successfully earned a bachelor’s degree in music technology. Throughout his studies, Alexander dedicated his time to teaching private instrumental and composition lessons on guitar and piano, both privately and through primary schools and music academies.

Skills and expertise

Alexander describes himself as a ‘jack of all trades’ in his teaching methods. He assists students in developing their influences and refining their goals, tailoring his instruction to their specific aspirations. Alexander’s teaching encompasses instrumental training, jazz theory, composition, and music production techniques. During his lessons, he skillfully guides his students through ear training exercises, recognising their significance in nurturing musical expression and composition skills. He also encourages the use of new technologies to facilitate musical exploration and growth. By incorporating tools such as digital audio workstations, interactive digital interfaces, and audio sampling machines, Alexander creates an encouraging and creative environment that empowers his students to explore new possibilities in their musical journey.

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