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Resources for our hard-working NCMA accredited teachers

Accredited teacher logo

We have an official accredited teacher logo and email signature you can use in NCMA – related correspondence. Please email us and ask for a link to these resources. We recommend you set up an ncma organisation email, especially if you teach community classes for us.

Teacher handbook and standards

You will find all the information you need to teach at NCMA in the NCMA accredited teacher handbook, from photocopier codes to room bookings. Please email us to request a copy.

As a teacher at NCMA you agree to adhere to the Education Council Our Code, Our Standards document.

Studio bookings

To book a teaching studio at NCMA please email us or use the Patronbase online form.
To use this form you will need to log in to Patronbase using the email address you use to buy tickets from NCMA online. If you haven’t done that yet the system will ask you to create an account and enter your contact details.

Police records checks

Every three years we will ask you to submit to a police records check. You will need to fill out this form giving us that authority.

Safety online

Please see this useful advice on staying safe if you teach online.

Download our agreement template for delivering lessons online. Email us if you need an editable version

Library Information

As teachers at NCMA, you are most welcome to make use of the Library of printed music and a few books. Please go to https://edgelm.musac.io and Login with MozartW1 as the UserName and again as the Password.

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