Pandemic Response

Congratulations Nelson, we made it!

One of the best things about music is that it brings people together. Thank you all for helping us make that possible.

The NCMA facility is now open to all users and visitors. Hygiene measures and contact tracing assistance remain in place.

Please join us in recognition of those staff, teachers, parents, students and audience members who have acted with generosity despite adversity. It is humbling to appreciate the goodwill of our team and community.

Our response to the spread of the novel coronavirus will be updated regularly on this page and on our Facebook page, and if cancellations affect you directly we will be in touch by email, text message or phone.

Specific information for members of our community follows, and will be updated regularly as the situation develops.

Please click here to read NCMA's detailed pandemic response plan.

09/06/20 Education update:

A range of community courses and private lessons are now being delivered weekly, some online and some in person. Most courses will resume in person in school term 3. For more information about the courses and activities that are currently available please visit our Facebook page, or use the contact button below.

Please click here to view more information for Teachers and Staff

Please click here to view more information for Students and Whanau.

09/06/20 Community update:

The NCMA facility is now available for hire to our wider community.

Please click here to view further information for Community Users.

Contact us

for more information on NCMA's response to the current pandemic. We will respond to your query as soon as we are able.