NCMA Onboarding

We use Google for mail, staff calendars, cloud storage and to sign on to other services

Google calendars

Most documents you will use at NCMA are hosted on Google Drive

Most answers to customer queries is on this site

Sometimes a customer will wish to give credit card details over the phone.
NB: you must satisfy yourself that the cardholder is who they say they are.

Information about public events is hosted on Airtable

Infoodle is our current database and resource library.
Our education programme and comms are managed here.

Copy and paste this template into your email signature settings, then edit it to reflect your details.

Patronbase is our database and ticketing system.
All tickets are sold through this portal.

Other Patronbase functions

A huge library of Patronbase howtos!
'Sign in with Google'
use your NCMA email

Control the appearance of Patronbase events on the web

Patronbase Venue booking request

Patronbase active productions list

Edit the ncma website here

NCMA staff can use this link to add appointments to James's calendar at specific times during the week. Please also add the requester's email to 'detail'.

NCMA's fabulous web designer
Brendyn Montgomery

Branding and design for general use.
For anything fancy talk to
Kirsten Revell

Billing information and accounting.
Use this to search for customer invoices

Mailing list for upcoming Events and email campaigns