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Dominique Blatti

Dominique Blatti

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Miles Jackson Guitar


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Vincent Lindsey-Clark Guitar


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Rebecca Cookson

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Dominique Blatti

Born in the French speaking part of Switzerland, Dominique started to learn the classical guitar at age 9 followed by a short stint at the Music Conservatory of Geneva cut short by her immigration to NZ with her parents when she was 18 years of age.
Dominique has been teaching and performing classical guitar full time for the last 18 years. She founded and conducts a variety of guitar ensembles, and has enjoyed performing in several collaborations, including string quartet, duets with flute, violin and guitar.

In 2011, Dominique initiated the successful Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School (TCGSS),  a biennial event held in New Plymouth since 2012. She is the coordinator and part of the organising committee, together with artistic director John Couch and his wife Wendy Dimond, the administrator.

Dominique is an Associate Member of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand (IRMTNZ).  Visit Dominique's website for more information.

Gunter Herbig

Gunter was born in Brazil and grew up in Portugal and Germany. Influenced by such different cultures and aesthetic languages, Gunter has developed a highly personal, charismatic, and expressive style of playing and performance, which sets him well apart from his contemporaries. The balance of Brazilian sensuousness, Portuguese intense passion and German intellect and finesse are the hallmark of his playing. His performance and interpretation philosophy centers on the personal and subjective approach to music as a direct way to create an even triangle between the composer, the performer, and the audience and puts the sense of musical adventure and exploration back on stage. Gunter's dynamic and expressive sense of adventure has made him an audience favorite on the concert platform wherever he goes and has solicited universal praise by critics in the music world.

Since moving to NZ in 1989, Gunter has made numerous national concert tours of this country and has a busy performance schedule, which has taken him to South America, Central America, and Europe where he appears as a soloist and chamber musician on concert platforms and festivals. He has performed on several live broadcasts on television and radio in New Zealand and Mexico and has recorded for a number of film scores and television documentaries. His debut solo CD "HAUTURU – WHERE THE WINDS REST" was released in 2007 by Ode Records (CDMANU 5016) and spent seven weeks in the top ten in the Radio New Zealand Concert chart, a first for a New Zealand guitar CD. Gunter has a passion for contemporary music in general and New Zealand music in particular – many a NZ work received its premiere performance under his fingers and was indeed inspired by his playing.

Gunter's recording, Prospero Dreaming, of the guitar music by Douglas Lilburn and David Farquhar was released to critical acclaim by Naxos in May 2009; (Naxos 8.572185).

In June 2017, Naxos released the second volume of New Zealand guitar music DREAM WEAVING (Naxos 8.573765).

Gunter is a performing artist and teacher of the classical guitar based in Wellington where he is also a regular contributor to Radio New Zealand Concert. As the preeminent guitar teacher in New Zealand, Gunter has been the Head of Classical Guitar and Chamber Music at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington and was on the staff at the School of Music at Auckland University for 25 years.

Gunter's latest project is an invitation by the biggest classical music label Naxos to record New Zealand Guitar Music Vol. III, featuring the Auckland composer Bruce Paine's music. This CD will be distributed internationally in all streaming formats as well as CD hard copies.

Miles Jackson

Miles is one of New Zealand's most accomplished guitarists. He began his musical training on the violin, changing to classical guitar in 1965. He has studied with a number of distinguished teachers and several periods in Spain have allowed him to explore and develop considerable expertise in Flamenco techniques. An intense period of study with world-renowned Czech guitarist Vladimir Mikulka took place in the summer of 1982. This was followed with three years of study with the English master guitarist John Mills, which has provided Miles with a technical facility and musicianship of the highest standard. 

Miles has worked as a professional musician since 1972. Apart from solo performances, he has performed with many different chamber music groups and has been a member of the John Mills Trio and the Delphinos Guitar Duo. However most of his work has been with violinist Margarita Jackson as Duo Jackson. They have toured and given workshops in many countries, made numerous TV & radio broadcasts and recorded many albums of their music.
More recently Miles has performed in Singapore, France and Spain where he presented a programme of Spanish and South American music. 

Miles has always had a keen interest in raising the levels of the teaching and performance of the classic guitar in New Zealand and since 1974 has been actively involved in creating and pioneering ways to achieve this goal. He attaches a special importance to the teaching of technique. A priority for Miles is to bring students together to make music in enjoyable ensemble situations and to perform as often as possible. 

He has introduced and tutored classic guitar courses at: 

  • Kerikeri music schools
  • Dunedin University music schools
  • Nelson Centre of Musical Arts (formerly Nelson School of Music)
  • Southland Polytech
  • Rotorua Music School
  • University of Singapore
  • Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School 

In 1974 he was a founder and Vice President of the New Zealand federation of Classical Guitar Societies and its President from 1979 -1984. During this time he was also a founding member of the Classical guitar society of Auckland, and founded the Guitar Societies of Dunedin and Nelson. He has been Musical director and organiser of four New Zealand Federation summer music schools and has organised concert tours and workshops for many outstanding guitarists from other countries. 

Vincent Lindsey-Clark

English guitarist Vincent Lindsey-Clark is well known for his compositions for the instrument. He writes music for both students and professionals, much of which, has been used extensively by the major exam boards and performed all round the world. He has also written two guitar concertos and gave the first performance of both works himself. He is published by Montague Music Publishing in the UK and Les Produtions d’Oz in Canada.   In 2003 he was asked to compose a piece for 100 young guitarists for a Gala concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  In 2009 he was commissioned to write the set pieces for the Beatty Guitar Competition in Washington DC and his very popular ‘Five Pictures of Sark’ were recorded by one of the world’s leading guitarists, Berta Rojas from Paraguay. Other distinguished performers that have played his music include The English Guitar Quartet, David Russell, Craig Ogden, Amanda Cook, Detlev Bork, Davis Owen Norris and The Agostino Duo.

As a performer he made his London debut at the Wigmore Hall in 1983 and has travelled extensively since then, including a tour of Venezuela as a member of The Segovia Guitar Trio.  He is a regular visitor to the Hong Kong Guitar Festival where he gives concerts and master classes.  He also performs with The Modern Guitar Trio and has recorded several CDs.  For a period of ten years he regularly appeared at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden as an on stage musician playing for the Royal Ballet and Darcy Bussell.  In February 2014 he attended the New York premier of his four-movement suite ‘Fiesta Americana’ performed by its dedicatee Berta Rojas, who’s recording of the work was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award.

Vincent has been a regular guest artist at the Sydney Guitar Summer School being the principal tutor and performer.  In 2016 he was invited to perform and teach at the Taranaki Guitar Summer School. Following this, the director John Couch commissioned Vincent to write ‘Whenoa o te Menu’ (Land of the Birds) which John performed at the 2018 summer school.

Vincent Lindsey-Clark’s teaching positions in the UK include Southampton University, London’s Centre for Young Musicians and Eton College. 

…..Lindsey-Clark has an extensive knowledge of repertoire to fuel a very inventive compositional engine. Lindsey-Clark seems to revel in the guitar’s most vital qualities.  He uses dissonance only when needed and as with greats such as Maurice Ravel the form of these miniatures is always concise….

Tim Panting
Classical Guitar Magazine

David Sinclair

David Sinclair is a Toronto, Canada born guitarist who for the past 18 years has dedicated himself completely to flamenco music, finding his musical voice in this rhythmically fascinating art-form. A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada) with an Honours Degree in Classical Guitar Performance, David has made Granada, Spain his home since 2005.

Accompanying dance from Ame to Ame, David specialises in accompanying singers and playing solo, all within the pure forms of flamenco. (Flamenco Jondo).

He has performed throughout the province of Granada and Andalucia, primarily in flamenco peñas (societies), festivals and accompanying singers in competitions.

His last recording "El Arte de la Guitarra Flamenca" was released in April 2018, which features 10 of David's own compositions in flamenco songforms, with the accompaniment of palmas, percussion and violin. He also recorded a CD in 2014 in Granada called "Paseo de las Palmas", which also featured his own compositions.

David is also a very experienced teacher, having taught for many years in Canada at a highly respected music academy and also teaching flamenco to guitar students from all over the world in Granada, Spain.

His workshops consist of a background of the history of flamenco, the different palos (song forms), the compas (rhythm) with examples demonstrated on the guitar and an explanation of the differences between playing solo and accompanying singers and dancers. Technical aspects of flamenco guitar playing are also discussed in detail.

Rebecca Cookson

Rebecca Cookson, originally from Blenheim, has been dancing flamenco and classical Spanish dances since 1995. She has studied extensively with a variety of flamenco dancers from Spain and performed in flamenco dance events throughout New Zealand.

In 1995 Rebecca moved to Christchurch to pursue the art of flamenco dance under first teacher Elaine Gibbs who had trained in Madrid flamenco schools. Later she was introduced to Margot Rodriguez-Childerstone who formerly worked alongside renowned Antonio Ruiz Soler (Antonio el Bailarin) and other prominent flamenco dancers. From 1997 and over the next 15 years, Margot mentored and coached Rebecca in castanets and a variety of classical and traditional flamenco dance techniques and choreographies. Margot’s traditional Alegrias and Fandango de Huleva are two styles Rebecca still enjoys performing and teaching.

Rebecca also has attended classes with Teo Morca, Antonio Vargas, Simone Pope, and Sydney-based flamenco dancer, Marina Tamayo and more recently, Isabel Rivera Cuenca and Ana Lloris Otero.

In the late 90’s onwards, Rebecca began performing with Christchurch and Otago-based Spanish music and dance culture groups around the South Island. In 2003, she set up Flamenco for Kids in Christchurch, an after-school Spanish dance programme for school children. She has also taught Sevillanas workshops at the Christchurch Body Festival. In 2004 she travelled to Granada and did flamenco classes at Carmen de las Cuevas flamenco school. On her return from Spain, she performed with Christchurch flamenco group Sangre en las Venas performed in Takaka’s Mussel Inn. In 2006 till 2010, she studied Spanish at University of Canterbury.

Rebecca currently lives in Auckland where she continues to develop her skills with Auckland flamenco dancer and teacher Amira Brock. She travels whenever she can to participate in flamenco dance classes or performance within New Zealand and overseas.
Rebecca taught herself to design and sew all flamenco costumes she performs in.

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