Sponsor a youth performance group

Our youth orchestras, ensembles and children’s choir are strongly subsidised by NCMA to enable large numbers of children to participate in group music activities and to deliver low cost community performances.

Sponsoring a NCMA youth performance group

Because our performance groups are the public face of NCMA, sponsorship offers high profile exposure for a donor, as well as providing much needed resources for these groups.

NCMA teachers also teach voluntarily at Victory School and these children, when competent, are integrated into the youth performance groups free of charge.

Adopt an Orchestra

You can help by supporting local talented musicians:
Schola Musica Ensemble
Stringendo Ensemble
NCMA Guitar Orchestra
Adult Beginner Orchestra
Junior Beginner Orchestra
Intermediate Orchestra
Youth Orchestra
Golden Bay High School Orchestra
Greenhill Community Orchestra
Preschool Music
Young Voices Choir

NCMA reopened in January 2018 with 200 enrolled students. By Dec 2018, we had more than 500 enrolled students aged 18 months- 95 years.At least half of these students participate in one or more of our orchestral groups, ensembles or choirs.

Our mission is to make music affordable, inclusive and accessible for people of all ages and ability levels.

In 2018, orchestral groups for children up to 12 years were free.

The Orchestral Pathway programme has been so successful, student numbers have soared. Unfortunately, associated costs have also soared.

Making music in a group setting has many proven benefits: rapid improvement of skills and broadening musical knowledge, making new friends, performance opportunities in a non-threating setting, sense of community and belonging, learning orchestral etiquette, teamwork and self-discipline.

It costs NCMA $5000 per year to run an orchestra. This includes:

  • Conductors’ and orchestral assistants’ wages
  • Music
  • Instrument purchase and maintenance
  • Administrative staff costs
  • Photocopying
  • Power, heating, cleaning costs
  • Reluctantly, we now must charge children to attend orchestras, but we would like to keep fees at a realistic level.
  • Sponsorship or “adoption” of an orchestra would assist us to do this.

Types of Orchestras:

Beginner Level: Junior Beginner Orchestra, Adult Beginner Orchestra, Pre-School Music

Intermediate Level: Intermediate Orchestra, Stringendo Ensemble, Young Voices Choir

Advanced: Youth Orchestra, Guitar Orchestra, Greenhill Orchestra

Elite: Schola Musica

Benefits of adopting an orchestra

  • A personal association with an NCMA music group.
  • Your name on our website, programmes and any material associated with group
  • An open invitation to attend rehearsals and concerts featuring your group (including playing along with them if you choose!)
  • Special music requests (if the group is up to it!)
  • A tax-deductible donation

Contact james@ncma.nz for details