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Stage Manager Training

Become a Venue-Certified Stage Manager and get involved behind the scenes.


Each year, we run a free training course allowing members of our user-base to become Venue-Certified Stage Managers.

Stage Managers (SMs) provide further autonomy to our musical community, allowing groups to provide their own personnel to the manage various backstage elements in lieu of using a paid Venue Technician - which has the added benefit of reducing the costs to present performances.

Aside from any stage layout related duties as deemed necessary; The Stage Manager will absorb all of the Venue Technician (VT) duties:

  • Backstage Fire Warden
  • Health, Safety Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Pre and post-show checks
  • Rudimentary operation of the lighting and sound systems.

Attendance is free, although capped at 20 participants. Affiliated Music Groups are allocated 3 positions for their membership base, while the final 8 positions are open for general attendance, with registration below.

Monday 25th March, 6 pm, at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts

The course runs for around 2.5hrs and will cover all of the roles and responsibilities of an SM, in-depth.

Attendants receive a take-home resource and are certified for that calendar year with annual refreshment by re-attendance.

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