NBS Live Lounge: The Rats

The Rats are a group of multi-national students who’ve banded together in the name of good fun, chaos, head-bangers, and a love for multiple genders. They play a mix of powerful original songs and covers of the indie and punk rock songs that inspired them. Utterly devoted to their fun and out-of-control style, they encourage dance, singalongs, and other forms of raucous merriment.

Their members hail all the way from Whakatū to California, but no matter where they’re from, they decided that their assigned gender at birth wasn’t for them. That’s right, they are a cluster vaguely bedraggled transgender youth who have some nonspecifically rebellious messages for the world.

The style that The Rats exhibit is reminiscent of 90s-00s indie-rock and their covers reflect that. They cover Declan McKenna, Cake, AJJ, The Front
Bottoms, and Destroy Boys among other generally outrageous acts. The catchy lyrics, incomprehensible melodies, and (some) screaming will no doubt leave you with a song stuck in your head by the end of the night.

As a group of young people, The Rats care deeply for the world around them and are activists and revolutionaries in their own rights. From advocating for mental health and equal rights to participating in group composting and tree plantings, The Rats are extremely active in the Whakatū community. You may have seen some of them as leaders of Pride groups, volunteers, board members, or youth councilors.

With a devoted following of roughly 12 people, there’s no way you can miss a show like this. Rose, the lead guitarist, is even learning Free Bird in case someone
yells about it. We can’t wait to see you there.

Stay Queer!

Free Event.
Music from 5pm. Bar open from 4.30pm.
NBS Live Lounge is proudly sponsored by NBS.
21 April, 2023
5:00 pm
Nelson Centre of Musical Arts

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Nelson Centre of Musical Arts

48 Nile St
Nelson, 7010 New Zealand

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