Affordable Music & Dance Classes

Our small group classes are an affordable introduction to music and dance.

All students taking part in our groups or classes need to be enrolled with us. Please visit our enrolment page for more information.

Violin – Affordable Group Class

Instruments: Violin

Lessons are designed to give students a solid introduction to the violin using Sassmanshaus Early Start on the violin, Vol.1.


Ukulele – Kids Affordable Group Class

Instruments: Ukulele

Learn to play the ukulele with fun songs arranged for ukelele and voice!


Ukulele – Adult Affordable Group Class

Instruments: Ukulele

This ukulele class is especially for adults and offers an affordable way to learn the instrument. Classes will introduce fun songs arranged for ukulele and voice.


Student Hand Bells Ensemble – Kids Affordable Group Class

Instruments: Marimba, Percussion

Have fun learning to play as part of a Hand Bell Choir using the NCMA’s historic Edrigde-MacLean Hand Bells. Immediately successful. No music reading skills necessary to start with. We will develop the ensemble playing skills needed to perform a variety of music.


Singing/Voice – Kids Affordable Group Class

Instruments: Singing

Develop confidence and power in your voice through vocal warm ups and breathing exercises. Explore vocal harmonies and enjoy learning to sing in a supportive group environment. Contemporary/popular songs will be used as practice tunes. This class is for students who love to sing both solo and in a group.


Singing/Voice – Adult Affordable Group Class

Instruments: Contemporary, Singing, Vocal Classes, Voice

Students will learn the basics of reading notation, singing technique and performance skills in a fun and supportive environment.


Saxophone – Kids Affordable Group Class

Instruments: Saxophone

Students will learn the basic techniques of the saxophone in a group situation.


Piano – Affordable Group Class

Instruments: Piano

This piano class provides an affordable option for learning an instrument in a group setting. Classes will run depending on interest and require a minimum of 3 students so bring a friend and join the fun!


Music Therapy: Affordable Group Class

Instruments: Guitar, Music Therapy, Percussion, Piano, Singing

This is a music therapy session for young people. The planned use of music will be used to engage and encourage individual and group creativity and self-expression. Trained professionals will provide a safe environment where feelings can be shared and heard, everyone is valued and can enjoy a sense of achievement, learn new skills and form new friendships.


Music Box – Kids Affordable Group Class

Instruments: General Music Experience

When we sing, when we move, when we play in a musical context, we explore the fundamental elements of music. Using song, dance and creative movement, body percussion, tuned and untuned percussion, creative storytelling and poetry we lay a strong foundation for musical development.