Yoga for All

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Start Date:21 October, 2023

Enrol by:19 October, 2023

When:Saturdays @ 9:30am for 8 weeks

Duration:60 minutes





Community Course – $110 per 8-week course

+$30 annual NCMA membership


***New course starting on 21st October – new members are welcome to join.  Enrol below***

For those looking for harmony in all aspects of life, Minami invites you to join her enriching and nurturing yoga journey.

In this inclusive space, students of all levels are welcome. The class focuses on the beauty of life within and around us, expressed through our body, breath, and heart-consciousness. Develop a higher awareness that extends beyond the yoga mat, influencing creativity, our interactions with others, and our response to stressful work or responsibilities.

Minami shares Hatha yoga, combining whole-body movement (asana) with breathwork (pranayama), sound resonance (mantra or nada), and meditation. In this transformative class, she draws on her expertise and genuine passion for yoga, guiding students towards clarity through harmony of strength and softness.

If you haven’t had the best time in the yoga classes in the past and thought “I am not a yoga person”, you will be surprised to experience the depth and authenticity of the yoga taught here!

Suitable for those who are:

  • seeking relaxation
  • seeking a counterbalance to other strenuous activities / life in general
  • wanting to experience authentic yoga firsthand
  • wanting to unlearn those patterns which do not serve us
  • wanting to discover a full potential within and out
  • wanting to live with clarity
  • practicing meditation / wanting to try it

Please note: If you have a yoga mat, please bring this to the session.

Intensity of movement: ★★☆

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