jSAX – Small Group Classes


Instruments:Woodwind, jSAX



Duration:30 minutes


Small Group Classes – $110 per 8-week term (3+ students)
Dynamic Duo Lessons – $180 per 8-week term (2 students)
+$30 annual NCMA membership
+ cost of instrument


For smaller children who will struggle with the size and weight of a saxophone, this is a great way to start lessons. The jSAX follows traditional saxophone fingering patterns and enables kids to develop their embouchure and playing skills at an early age. It has a surprising mellow saxophone sound and is a lot of fun. The jSAX is pitched in C and it has a fully chromatic range from middle C to G in the next octave and is lightweight and super-durable. From playing fun and recognisable melodies to developing improvisation skills, our classes will provide a solid foundation for future musical endeavors.

Students will cover:

  • Proper assembly and care of the jSAX
  • Correct posture and breathing techniques
  • Basic note reading and music theory
  • Introduction to scales and arpeggios
  • Playing simple melodies and songs
  • Developing finger coordination and technique
  • Improvisation basics (depending on the class level and focus)

Students will need to buy a jSAX from the Rockshop.

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