Orchestral Percussion – Small Group Class




Age:Secondary, Adult

Duration:30 minutes


Small Group Classes – $110 per 8-week term (3+ students)
Dynamic Duo Lessons – $180 per 8-week term (2 students)
+$30 annual NCMA membership



Learn about the world of orchestral percussion in our specialised class for secondary and adult students. This class is carefully designed to enhance your ensemble playing skills with a focus on essential techniques.

Led by an experienced percussionist, students will dive into the diverse repertoire of orchestral percussion instruments, including timpani, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, triangle, and more. Through hands-on practice, students will learn proper techniques, rhythmic precision, and dynamic control necessary for ensemble performance.

In a supportive and collaborative environment, students will engage with fellow percussionists and gain valuable ensemble experience. Expand your musicality and explore new possibilities with your playing.

Students will cover:

  • Proper playing techniques for orchestral percussion instruments
  • Rhythmic precision and timing
  • Dynamic control and expression
  • Ensemble playing and collaboration
  • Familiarity with diverse orchestral percussion repertoire

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