Mini Vamos! Drum & Dance


Instruments:Percussion, Drums, Dance



Duration:45 minutes


$65 per term (+ $30 annual NCMA membership)


Vamos! (Let’s Go! in Portuguese) – Join our group classes for 3 to 5 year olds and let our experienced instructor guide your child through creative movement inspired by the rhythms and dances of Brazil mixed with other global beats.  Our fun and relaxed class uses dance-play activities to focus on balance and coordination, while also developing your child’s social and spatial awareness. Give your child the gift of movement and expression with our exciting classes.

Students will:

  • Develop their gross motor skills through dance and movement
  • Improve their balance and coordination
  • Enhance their spatial awareness
  • Build their social skills through group activities
  • Learn about different cultures through exposure to Brazilian rhythms and dances
  • Explore their creativity through dance and play
  • Develop their confidence and self-expression through movement.

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