Guitar – Adult Small Group Class





Duration:30 minutes


Small Group Classes – $110 per 8-week term (3+ students)

Dynamic Duo Lessons – $180 per 8-week term (2 students)

+$30 annual NCMA membership


Welcome to our small group guitar class, where lessons are affordable and tailored to your learning style and musical preferences.  Our classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player. Our instructors are experienced in a variety of genres and styles, from rock and pop to blues and jazz. Whether you want to learn to play your favorite songs or develop a more technical understanding of the guitar, we’ll tailor our lessons to suit your needs and interests.  Students are carefully placed in groups of similar age and ability.  If you’re ready to start your guitar journey, we invite you to join our small group class.

Depending on the level of the class, lessons will cover:

  • Basic guitar techniques such as proper hand positioning, strumming, and fretting
  • Reading sheet music, guitar tablature, and chord charts
  • Playing different genres of music such as rock, blues, country, or pop
  • Improvisation and soloing
  • Songwriting and composition
  • Playing with others in a group setting

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