Zeb Wulff


Zeb Wulff


Classical, pop, rock


After beginning piano lessons at the Nelson School Of Music, Zeb attended Massey University Conservatorium of Music Under Richard Mapp and Emma Sayers. Besides regular performances and competitions, he represented New Zealand in the Wataboshi International Music Festival and spent time studying at the Queensland Conservatorium with Stephen Savage.

Zeb composed the music for the childrens theatre show ‘How Kiwi Lost His Wings’ under the biannual Light Nelson project and was also the pianist, M.D assistant, and M.D for several shows at the Nelson Musical Theatre.

Skills and expertise

Zeb has an interest in teen/adult students who wish to start or relearn the piano, in particular how to balance music against other commitments without sacrificing enjoyment and progress in whichever chosen style.

Having been a composer for many years, Zeb also teaches composition and theory.

He has experience in many technical methods, in particular to assist people who may be experiencing either a plateau in their abilities or a persisting physical ailment and need to reshape their technique. Zeb sees it as a priority for a student to feel happy and comfortable and confident at the piano, anything from perfecting a Beethoven sonata to making your own arrangement of a Lady Gaga song is a worthwhile endeavour.