Will Robinson

Will Robinson

Will Robinson


Blues; rock/some metal genres; fingerstyle/some classical.

MA Music Performance; BA Hons Pop Music and Recording; Grade 8 ABRSM; ABRSM Music Teacher Short Course.


Will grew up in Manchester, UK and began learning guitar at 12. He took private lessons for several years before studying at the Manchester College and Salford University. Will has written and recorded original material and performed solo, in bands and in theatre productions.

Will has previously taught in the UK in Riffs Music Academy and private lessons for 14 months. Since September 2019, Will has been travelling New Zealand engaging in Music performance wherever possible.

Skills and expertise

Learning to play an instrument should be engaging and fun. Each students goals and interests are different, and as such lessons should reflect this. Music can be for the individual as well as for sharing with groups. Studying music can be an outlet for creativity and benefit all areas of life. Lessons with Will can include the following:

  • Technique
  • Songs/Pieces
  • Improvisation
  • Theory/implementation
  • Performance Psychology
  • Effective practise methods
  • ABRSM/Rockschool guitar Grades