Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis, Piano Teacher, Nelson

Sarah Lewis





Sarah was brought up in England and has lived in New Zealand for 30 years.
Sarah has lived in Nelson for many years, embracing NCMA activities. She has been a teacher’s representative for the Board and a member of the Education Committee.

Sarah enjoys creating opportunities for performance that are fun and challenging. Whilst the NCMA building was closed, she enjoyed holding student concerts on the piano outside the Nelson Provincial Museum accompanied by hot chips with volunteers scampering over to the cafe opposite to place an order!

Sarah has had the joy of being a part of Cairde – an all women band for many years and has toured, played festivals and made recordings with this group. She particularly loved the collaboration and creative development of the music that sung her soul with these brilliant musicians. She has also enjoyed collaborations with other NCMA teachers including Tanya Nock and Gaelynne Pound.

Sarah ran Thursday morning seminars from her home: STEAM (Students and Teachers Extension and Appreciation of Music) which involved having expert speakers talk about various aspects of music and the sharing of experiences. It engaged a diverse part of our musical community here in Nelson.

Skills and expertise

Sarah fosters a focus on musical imagination from your very first lesson, whether you are 5, 15, 55 or 155. Finding a creative state of mind is always encouraged.

Sarah holds the opinion that teaching one on one is a relationship to be treasured and respected….always, and she allows lessons to be tailored to individual student needs as she has a broad familiarity with methods and approaches.

Sarah believes in “true best” from her students and provides realistic goals that stretch their abilities and encourages them to achieve their musical dreams. She fosters musical enjoyment and discernment and even though they may be rusty if they do not practice for a while, an appreciation for music will stick with them through their whole life.

Sarah really enjoys teaching piano. She is enthusiastic and believes this is contagious.

Sarah focuses on the classical genre but branches into other styles and encourages composition.