Rob de Leeuw

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Rob de Leeuw

Drums, Percussion

Afrobeat, Latin, rock, funk, reggae


Rob de Leeuw loves rhythm and drumming and has been playing for over 40 hears and still enjoy learning new rhythms from around the world.

Rob has been involved in the local music scene as a drummer/percussionist playing various styles from Rock and Reggae to Acrobat, Marimba and Samba.

Currently he is rehearsing with Brazilian band SAMBASHE and lead the African inspired percussion group, Konkoba.

Rob is keen to share some of what he has learnt over the years with students and grow their rhythmic knowledge and ability.

Skills and expertise

Rhythm is “Movement in time” and can be taught in many ways. Visually (show), audibly (listen) and kinaesthetically (feel). Finding the students preferred learning style influences the delivery. Rob likes to use all 3 methods with step/clap/vocalisation to integrate the rhythm into the person before playing the instrument.