Phil Mair

Phil Mair, guitar

Phil Mair

Contemporary Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory

Contemporary guitar, popular music, rock, classical

Contemporary Music Performance, NSOM (1996 & 1998), grade 6 music theory


Phil started learning the guitar when he was 13. He had a keen interest in music during his high school years, performing in bands and writing songs. He then attended NSOM’s Contemporary Music Performance Course for 2 years. Since then he has been performing on a regular basis as a solo artist in bars, at private functions and weddings.

Skills and expertise

Phil has been playing the guitar for over 27 years and has been the guitar tutor at Broadgreen Intermediate and Nayland College since 2015.

Students will learn:

  • tuning methods
  • open chords & advanced barre chords
  • strumming patterns
  • finger picking patterns & techniques
  • guitar music theory
  • reading guitar tablature and notation
  • scales for jamming and exercises
  • how to write songs & song writing tips
  • learn your favourite songs

+ more essential guitar skills!