Mari Slack

Mari Slack

Mari Slack

Contemporary, Singing, Vocal Classes, Voice


Bachelor of Music - vocals


My name is Mari Slack, I am from Norway, but New Zealand is my home.
I have a Bachelor of Music with a major in vocals. Starting in 2002 I directed several choirs, ranging from kids choirs to adult groups, and through this taught people to sing with good technique and confidence before I began teaching one-on-one in 2014.
Over the years I have also performed in various places around the world, including Norway, Egypt and Nepal.

I am very passionate about singing, and know from personal experience how important good vocal care and technique is. You must take care of such a precious instrument! I think you will find me understanding and approachable, and I will do my best to help you reach your goals.

Skills and expertise

Mari takes the Pick and Mix Choir on a Thursday evening at 7.00pm at NCMA, and has some availability for private lessons.