Margaret Brewster

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Margaret Brewster

Music Theory, Piano

M.A., Dip Tchg, AMusTCL


Margaret is an experienced piano teacher with a career spanning over thirty years.

Her interests are in music and education, for music study offers powerful physical and cognitive benefits to learning skills across the board.

Having achieved a degree of expertise and experience, the musician is predisposed to live a life underpinned by the truth and beauty of musical appreciation.

Skills and expertise


One-to-one lessons are an opportunity for an individual to discover personal learning strengths. Margaret seeks to tailor lessons to serve the tastes and strengths of each student, and to develop weaker areas. Listening is an important skill that is often overlooked in other disciplines.

To this end, lessons are encouraging at the same time as rigorous and challenging, robust, lively, varied and sometimes playful. Each lesson has an attainable local goal, while keeping in view an exciting global perspective. Students benefit from a combination of review and adventure, where there are difficult places whose outcomes are propelled by the enthusiasm of the teacher and the relationship between teacher and pupil.