Lucy Rainey


Lucy Rainey

Clarinet, Music Theory, Ukulele, Vocal Classes, Voice

Classical to jazz, solo, ensemble, orchestral



Lucy’s vocal experience includes singing in the Wellington choirs Cantoris, Orpheus and the Wellington Community Choir, and Nelson ensembles Mosaic and the Nelson Civic Choir, Partita and jazz group Beez Neez. She has sung in folk and acappella groups and directed a community choir in Hamble, UK. Lucy has also played first clarinet in the Nelson Symphony and Wellington Chamber Orchestras for many years and has performed as a soloist with the NSO, Orchestra Wellington and as a member of Respiro Wind Quintet. Lucy is the Chairperson of the NZCF Nelson/Marlborough regional committee, a national organisation which runs The Big Sing, The Kids Sing, Sing Fest and choral workshops for singers and conductors.

Skills and expertise

Lucy is excited about helping students to discover their unique voice and to open the door to the magical world of solo and group singing. Learning vocal technique directly benefits playing any other instrument, especially the clarinet and saxophone.

In 2011 Lucy researched the close links between the voice and the clarinet and the physical aspects of tone production in both of them for a Masters in Musicology. She has an in depth understanding of how the voice and body work together to produce a natural and authentic voice for each person.

Lucy has developed a system of vocal warmups and exercises which can help anyone find their voice and improve their vocal range and vocal technique. She aims to inspire her students by providing personalised music programmes and enjoyable music for each student.

During lessons Lucy sings/plays alongside her students and she provides regular performance goals such as singing/playing with others in a group. Lucy enters some clarinet students for Royal Schools or Trinity College Music Exams, and voice and clarinet students in the Student Concerts and Scholarships at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts. Above all she believes in quickly building a rapport with her students so that the lessons are interesting and engaging.

Singing Student Feedback:
“Lucy is such a good teacher, she manages to draw people into the world of music to find their confidence and light inside.” – Anne Kautschur
“I’m very grateful that Lucy created the opportunity for me to keep singing with the group during lockdown. It’s kept me motivated during very challenging and stressful times. Her encouraging way of teaching also stimulates us all to perform well.” – Natascha Van Dien
“Lucy has been great at helping me find my vocal range, after many years of not singing…Learning about the importance of body and voice warm ups, prior to singing has been really interesting… This has definitely helped me in many ways. I like the way it helps me relax prior to singing…I have enjoyed learning the skill of singing parts, in a small group situation…Lucy is very supportive in her teaching style. She inspires confidence in the singers.”  – Stephanie Trevena

Clarinet Student Feedback:
“Lucy is an inspiring teacher who sets high standards for Nico in the context of a fun and supportive learning environment. She takes great interest in her students and does everything she can to enable Nico to flourish and achieve his personal goals.”  – Rosie-Anne Pinney
“Lucy has a friendly and welcoming personality which helps to make student feel relaxed before lesson begins. She builds a rapport which helps to build her students’ confidence. Lucy motivates her students through her enthusiasm and love and knowledge of the clarinet. Always encouraging, and positive in her approach, Lucy emphasises what has gone well, and her suggestions for improvement are practical and positive. Online lessons have been very good during lockdown, being one to one they are concentrated and focused.” – Sandra Smith

Clarinet Ensemble Feedback:
“This is a fun and enjoyable group. Lucy provides a variety of repertoire within everyone’s ability and she plays along with students when necessary. This is an excellent group to increase confidence in holding a part and playing along with a range of skill levels.” – Sandra Smith

Ukulele Adult Group Feedback:
“Lucy is organised with a variety of resources and media for our lessons, she is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of music and is always encouraging and extending our ability. We have all come to ukulele with varying degrees of musical ability but regardless, we enjoy our lessons as there is always something to learn from Lucy and we love her kind and inclusive nature.” – Sally Thompson
“I find Lucy extremely encouraging, positive and capable, she’s a wonderful teacher. I would recommend her to anyone!” – John Ayers